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Modern paints bring new life to interior decorating and industrial uses.

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Magnetic Paints

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Do you like to hang things up on your refrigerator?  If so, then you may like magnetic paints.  You can apply the paint and turn any part of your wall or wood into a magnetic surface.  The magnetic surface can be used for magnetic toys and to hang up pictures and items that change often.  This unique paint can be applied without worrying about shape and size.  It can truly be a customized workable surface.  

One technique that people often forget is to use magnetic paint and chalkboard paint together. You can actually create a magnetic chalkboard on you wall. You can hang up a picture with the magnets and then draw it on the chalkboard.

A favorite use for people is to have a place to hang up photos. If you have ever noticed, when people come to your home they love to look at the photos. It is one of the first things to draw their eye. The reason is that the photos speak so much about the people that the decorations can never acquire. Some people love to have a place to put up photos as they get them. Some people have one wall with lots of photographs all put up by little magnets.

If you aren't a magnet shopper, you may start doing it. There are little tiny powerful magnets that can make the board look great. You don't need to use those free magnets you got from State Farm or the Cleaning Company. Instead choose a theme. The best magnets are the tiny powerful ones. You can get some uniformity and they won't take up all the picture space.

Can you imagine a huge hodgepodege of magnets (half of them free). It's not going to look as good as wisely choosing the magnets.






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