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Modern paints bring new life to interior decorating and industrial uses.

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Today’s Unique Paints

Chalkboard Paint


Recent developments in paints are quite remarkable.  There are paints that are magnetic and that can be a chalkboard.  These new paints make it very easy to personalize your home in a fun way. Chalkboard paint comes in the colors green or black. The size is about a quart. The coverage will be about 40-50 square feet with two coats. It is recommended to do two or three thin layers instead of one or two thick layers. If you want to do three layers, you should account for about 29 square feet (still a huge chalkboard). These estimates are for courtesy only. There are many painting factors. Some of the factors involved are the type of brush used, the quality of the primer coat, and the cleanliness of the wall. An easy way to do it is to separate the container in half or in thirds (depending on the number coats). Then, you will know when to stop painting and that will help insure enough paint for all coats desired. We recommend three thin coats of paint. However, many people find success with two coats. If you want to take a risk of it not working out, go for one coat.

To use paint, the best way is with a dense foam roller of 1/4" - 3/8". You can also use a paintbrush, but it won't go on as smooth and will use up more paint. The paint coats should be applied four hours apart (four hour intervals). Since the paint is latex, you can clean it up with soap and water easily.

The chalkboard paint can be applied to almost any surface that is paintable. For example, wood, metal, drywall, plaster, concrete, glass, paperboard, hardboard, terra cotta, ceramics, doors, windows, and more.


Magnetic paint is applied, in the same way, as chalkboard paint. Surfaces should be prepped well. That means they should be clean and no loose materials. The main difference between magnetic and chalkboard paint is that magnetic paint is a primer. It is meant to be painted over. That means you can actually do something very cool. You can use the magnetic paint as a primer and chalkboard paint as an overlay. You can create a magnetic chalkboard that is very big for a low price. In addition, it's a lot of fun for the kids and everyone else. Even grandma won't be able to resist using the chalkboard or magnetic surface area.

One idea that a lot of people have is that they use the magnetic paint every sixteen inches or so. That allows them to hang up pictures and posters. You don't need to buy as much paint that way and the whole process takes less time than painting all the walls with it.

The main thing to remember is to use a dense foam roller that is 1/4"-3/8". You can also use a paintbrush as you wish. The roller will give a smoother finish. The last thing to remember is to use three thin coats. You might try out a small area and see how many coats you like.

One thing that people love are those little tiny magnets that you can buy. They are about the size of a pencil eraser and really strong. They are great for hanging up pictures. They are also fun because it is amazing how strong they are.

Specialty Paints

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

Epoxy is really super strong and can chemically get into pores and bind with materials like concrete and steel.  This makes epoxy a good choice to prevent rust and also for concrete surfaces. We call epoxy paint garage paint because that is what most people use it for. If you have ever seen a garage floor that was painted well, you won't forget it. The floor will have a shiny look to it. Sometimes little flakes are put into it to look like glitter and add for effect. The main reasons people paint the garage floor is because it just looks a lot nicer. The second reason is that the paint will protect the floor. Have you ever seen the floor of most garages. Inevitably gasoline, oil, sawdust, dirt, and other items get spilled. The concrete pours tend to absorb some of it. Then, you have a stained floor that isn't that great to look at. An awesome remedy is to simply paint the floor. It looks great, adheres well, and is easy to clean up things because the paint acts as a barrier. The paint will not allow the oil or whatever you spilt to go into the concrete. It makes clean-up a lot easier. That is why you will see a lot of automotive shops with epoxy painted floors. My uncle had a nice Mercedes and he didn't want to see an oil patch on his garage floor. It just didn't look right.

The way to apply epoxy paint is similar to other paints. The best way to do it is with a dense roller. You will want to put on at least two coats for best effect. Since most gallons of paint cover around 350 square feet for one coat, you can expect to get 150-175 square feet out of a gallon of paint using two coats. A typical two car garage will be around 250 square feet. That means you should get two gallons for a typical garage floor.

If you want a specific color, just email us and let us know what color you want. We do not guarantee an exact match, but we will do our best to match it with our pre-selected colors. If you want the glitter flakes, please let us know so we can include it with the order.

Fun - Glow in the Dark

Paints that glow in the dark, such as black light and neon paints will be favorites for the children.  Today, there are pens for children to write on their clothing and children like doing it. 

Glowing paints can be used to make a wall neat looking for a party, but look normal during the regular time.  They can also be used to create glow in the dark solar system features.


Milk based paints have been around for thousands of years.  They are the base that brought us latex based paints.  For many years people made their own paint because milk paint would spoil too quickly.

Nowadays, a handful of companies, make milk based paint that is non toxic to use.  You will not get the traditional paint or gas fumes.


A boat has a primary concern to keep out rust.  Marine based paints are epoxy based and a good choice for boats (obviously).  Some people also use them on cast iron tubs and other metal items that need to remain free of rust.

Interior Design Tips

When you walk into a home, it should have color and a feeling of warmth and friendliness.  However, many homes are simply one shade of white, off white, or eggshell.  A blank palette is a good way to sell a home. It makes the home look larger and doesn’t offend any persons taste.  The problem is that the home has no character.  If you purchase a home such as this, focus on bringing in color.

A good way to paint your home is to choose walls that will be colored.  Do not paint the whole thing one color.  Colors should contrast well with each other.  For example dark blue and white contrast well. 

The ceiling should be a lighter shade of the wall color used most.  This will give the room a lighting effect.  The furniture should be a bit darker shade of the wall colors.  The flooring should be darker than most of the walls. 

The main point is to bring out three shades of the same color with painting.  For further details you should paint with various sheens.  Satin is the best choice to paint most of the home.  Ceilings should be painted with flat colors so that light softly reflects.  Kitchens, bathrooms, and door jams should be semi gloss so that dirt and grime can be cleaned up easily.

For bathroom ceilings, use a mildew resistant paint such as Kilz.  To paint garage or concrete floors, use epoxy based paint.  Make sure to clean and seal the concrete surface, first.

Recent paint developments have made interior painting more unique and exciting.  The new magnetic and chalkboard paints are quite remarkable.  For example, you might paint heart shapes in a girl’s room that can be a place to hang pictures or even draw pictures.  A boy’s room might have magnetic gear toys and cars that stick to the magnetic paint. 

In years past, you were limited by the size of magnetic board or chalkboard you could fit or afford to purchase.  With these new paints, it is possible to make huge chalkboards and magnetic surfaces.  And, if you want to change it, just paint over it.

Lastly, for your paint design, don’t forget fun paints like neon and black light.  You might hire someone to paint a party mural that can only be seen under black light.        







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