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Glow in the Dark Paint

Do you have those really cool glow in the dark stars and maybe the solar system?  If you child likes a glow in the dark solar system, think how much they would like glow in the dark paint.  With the paint, you can customize just how you want things to look.  You can even paint your own stars and planets.

Glow in the dark paint comes in a half-pint. That means it is pretty small. You can cover around 40 square feet with one coat of paint. It is typically used for craft projects and childrens rooms. One fun technique is to paint the dresser knobs. When you first get up in the morning, it is nice to be able to see the glowing dresser knobs. Children also love to just paint their own projects that glow. It is a good idea to apply whatever you want, on the wall, and then use the glow in the dark paint to accentuate.

People also love to use the paint for crafts. For example, you might paint the hands of a clock. You could paint your childrens cars. You might paint an old craft house and have it glowing in the dark. The main point of the paint is for fun. Around Halloween, there are a lot more ways to have fun with the paint. People like to paint their trick or treat buckets, their canes, and their shoes.

Glowing paint can also be used for safety. Suppose that there was a disaster and the power went out. If it was at night, you might have a real hard time seeing. Some glow in the dark paint might point you to an exit, to a flashlight, or a rescue kit. There are so many ways that illumination can be used.

As a side, glowing paint is one of the products N.A.S.A. has helped develop. Maybe your child would like to paint his rocket with it.






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