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Garage Floor Paint

The garage floor is painted with an epoxy paint.  The concrete should be cleaned and sealed prior to application.

Even after sealing concrete, there are still open pores.  That is why epoxy paint is used.  The chemical makeup allows it to go into the pores and bond with the concrete.  This makes it a very strong paint to use.

Many people like the chip look.  The paint will look like it has chips in it.  This look is popular because it will hide scuffs or oil that drops into the surface.

The main reason to paint the garage floor is to keep it clean.  Have you ever noticed how hard oil is to get out of concrete.  An epoxy floor paint can be cleaned off much easier because the pores are not sealed instead of open.

The floors come in many colors and you can do some unique things with the paint.  Some people make a path one color and the sides another.  Painted concrete is often underrated. It often looks fantastic. If you want a specific color, please email us to 

The typical two car garage will need two gallons of paint for two coats. In addition, the paint should be rolled on for a smooth finish.






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