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Modern paints bring new life to interior decorating and industrial uses.

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Dry Erase Paint

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Many corporate board rooms have a dry erase board. They are also popular in schools. Some of them are very large. In that way, you can actually do a large math problem or keep track of lots of things. Many business owners like to have a board to keep track of what they are doing. They want to remember key points and projects.

In the past, the problem has been that most people need a large dry erase board, but the cost is prohibitive and the size is often not just right. To solve these problems, dry erase paint has been invented.

The paint is simply to use. You simply put it on over a surface that is already clean and primed. You should put on two or three thin layers with a dense foam roller for best effect. We recommend three layers, but many people get by with two. A quart of paint will cover around 87 square feet and so that would mean you can get around 40 square feet with two coats and about 20 square feet with three coats. That's a mighty good sized board for a tiny price.

You should also use your imagination. You could put on magnetic paint as the primer and have a magnetic dry erase board. You kids could also like having it to draw on. There are many uses available. Some people even use it to paint the ouside of their home to send messages to the neighbors, but, of course, that's a bit weird.






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