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Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint

Imagine having a paint that can also be used as a chalkboard.  This makes it so you can have a chalkboard any size or shape you want.  You can put chalkboards on any walls or wood that you want.  The paint is unique and dries so that chalk can write on the walls and also be wiped off.  Children and adults love chalkboard paint.

The main thing about chalkboard paint is that kids love it. You can buy a big tub of colored chalk and keep your children entertained for hours. This is a lot better than having to worry about someone driving over them because they are in the driveway. You can enjoy it from the comfort of your home.

In addition, you can make something to leave messages for each other. Do you need to leave a note for your husband? The chalkboard is a good place. You can also leave neat notes for the kids and they will learn to write cool notes back to you. One day, I told left a note to tell my daughter happy birthday. When she saw it, she erased it and wrote a note telling me thank you and a big heart. In some way, the chalkboard imroves communication in the home and also is a lot of fun.

The other option is dry erase boards or dry erase paint. We personally favor chalk because markers can do more damage to the household. Finally, we find that drawings are easier to do in chalk because the finer details can come out when compared with dry erase paint.


If you wanted to buy a very large chalkboard, it would cost hundreds of dollars. With paint, for less than fifty dollars, you can get a very big chalkboard. In addition, you can't seem to price in the fun factor of writing directly on the wall, being able to make it the shape you want, and doing the project. It is very economical and for people like us, it's just fun.






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